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Player Information

Name: Ayuu
Personal Journal: See contact info.
Age: Old enough to rent a car.
Contact Info: PM me and I'll respond ASAP!
Other Characters Played: Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss)

Character Information

Character Name: Ira
Character Series: Dokidoki! Precure
Character Age: Apparent Age: 12/13. Actual Age: ???, never specified, implied to be upwards of 10,000 years
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: Between episodes 44 and 45.
Background Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dokidoki!_PreCure
Personality: There are three traits that define Ira the best: selfish, short-tempered, and gleefully malicious. The first almost goes without saying once you know what he is--he is a Selfish, an entity spawned by the Proto-Selfish and ruled by King Selfish, whose task it is to draw out the self-centered parts of people's hearts, make them be consumed by darkness, and set them on a rampage. Why? Because screw all those other people, this is their world and they'll do what they damn well please with it. To an extent, this self-interest is enlightened; there is a hierarchy among the Selfishnesses, and although individual Selfishnesses within it aren't always very good at observing or respecting it, they DO respect power. In other words, if you've got the strength to maintain your position and the ruthlessness to exercise it when one of the others pisses you off, then you've got it made. Ira is, of the core Selfishes, fairly far from the top, but he's at least got it over the Selfishes that were literally torn out of people's chests and set to rampage; those ones are little more than mindless, instinct-driven monsters. Ira will bitch and complain about being made to do things he doesn't like or want to do, and he gets possessive over the things he comes to like, and he'll even outright call someone a selfish jerk because none of the Selfishes are known for their self-awareness, but make it clear to him that it's in his best interest to fall into line, and he will suck up with the best of them. Mind you, he sucks up to try to get what he wants, because he's selfish, but he'll still obey. For this reason, he makes an excellent evil minion. Beyond that, though, he doesn't actually get the concept of fair play. Something's a pain, including keeping a promise? Just blow it off. Somebody possesses something he wants? Just take it by force. Somebody's in the way? Just take them out. Do what you want, when you want, to whomever you want, and only power or a lack thereof can constrain you. Life as a Selfish is very straightforward.

The second... well, he is named *Ira*, after the Latin word for wrath. Each of the main Selfishes represents one of the seven deadly sins, and Ira's manifests by having a short temper. He's very easy to tick off, particularly if someone is harshing on his fun, getting in his way, or muscling in on his territory. He also takes it personally when these things happen personally, and he hates offers of help, seeing them as a negative comment on his own ability to get things done, and if something doesn't go the way he wants it to, or if someone doesn't do what he wants them to, his immediate reaction is to yell about it and get cranky. When given shit about it, he snaps and gets argumentative. He's injured or otherwise low-energy? He sulks and grumbles. It's consequently easy to wind him up and tease him this way. By definition, a Selfish is a hateful entity, having lost their love, and it's rare for him to consider things quietly when he could give in to his temper. He also hates losing, and beating him at something, or defeating him in battle, is a great way of getting him in an extremely bad mood. On the other hand, he's also extremely persistent and stubborn in his anger, and if something pisses him off, he holds a grudge over it like nobody's business. Part of that is the previously mentioned being relatively low on the Selfish totem pole, since he knows he'll catch hell from the higher-ups if he messes up, but largely it's just because his anger motivates him to act, often before he fully thinks things through, which can and will get him into trouble. He's not interested in climbing the ranks; he just doesn't want to look like a loser. (Mind you, if things are going south for him, he's not so stubborn that he won't run away. He values his own skin more than he does the approval of the higher-ups.)

And when he does so successfully, he *enjoys* it. Ira gets gleeful pleasure out of absolutely ruining someone else's day by wrecking their shit, and thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to see a Selfish he produced rampage around and cause a lot of destruction and chaos. If he gets the upper hand over an opponent, he delights in making them suffer, and he plain finds it fun to be a gigantic jerk. Does this mean he can't take what he dishes out? It sure does. Being selfish (and Selfish), it's all about him and his fun factor, so when he's not having fun anymore, he gets upset. When he *is* having fun, it's because he's tricking someone or hurting their feelings or "granting their wishes" (a conveniently nice way of saying "creating a physical manifestation of their most selfish desires and using them to cause a lot of destruction for the benefit of Selfishkind") or otherwise getting someone upset, so it's a pretty good bet that no one *else* is having fun, except maybe fellow jerks, and even then that's not a sure thing. He's also petty as well as short-tempered, so he can want to get back at people for relative trifles; fortunately or unfortunately, he has a strong sense of schadenfreude, and just watching someone who's pissed him off get their day ruined, even if he had absolutely nothing personally to do with it, is enough to get him laughing and consider himself vindicated. He's mouthy, too, and will freely mock people and be smarmy. If they get upset at him for it, and either mock him back or beat him up, then he doesn't generally consider this a consequence of his own actions, but the fault of those who (rightfully) wouldn't suffer quietly.

Generally. Rare for him. The things he comes to like. All of the previous is true, but this too is true, and forms a fourth major point in his personality, something that only came to pass after being helped by his enemy after being injured and losing his memory. At this time, it would have been easy for the enemy to have erased him or run off and washed her hands of him, but the Pretty Cure who saved his life not only tended to his wounds but stood up against her own ally to defend him. She was even happy to see him regain his memories, even though it meant he'd go back to fighting her and her friends. This has had a strong effect on Ira, who after that point started feeling concern not just for her but even for other Selfishes, even ones he previously didn't like. While he doesn't actively acknowledge it beyond claiming that HE and NO ONE ELSE was going to defeat the Precures, it's going to be a blow to know that she's dead. After all, he'd had so much trouble fighting her and her friends; she'd gone and made him feel weird things; how could she be so selfish as to up and get herself killed like that? It's not fair! And the other Selfishes being gone too, leaving him all on his own? What's up with *that*? That's beyond selfish! It's so frustrating! ...That such feelings might be grief and a sense of loss isn't something he's capable of realizing on his own. After all, with no Precures and no other Selfishes, he should be able to do whatever he wants, and that should be able to satisfy him, right? But it won't, and he won't get why, and that'll only frustrate him even more, which will only highlight the many bad parts of his personality. Nonetheless, this fourth point is there, this spark of the decent person he was when he had no memories whatsoever. For someone patient enough, insightful enough, and kind enough, they might find the diamond that makes up who he is.

Abilities: Ira is not human, though he looks enough like a human to not turn too many heads. This is reflected in his abilities, most of which are reflected by the other major Selfishes. He has the ability to levitate, fly, and teleport, and does so effortlessly and instantaneously. He tends towards hand-to-hand combat, and can unload some strong punches and kicks, but he can also unleash waves of dark Illnergy (also called Egogy or Janergy), the power that all Selfishes possess (or, one might argue, the power that empowers a Selfish to be a Selfish) in ranged attacks such as concentrated blasts or what are effectively gusts of air. He can also use this power to deflect attacks, though he's not necessarily good at defense; Ira's philosophy there is that the best defense is a good offense.

He also has the ability to monitor people's mindset and mood just by glancing at them and peeking into their Psyche (which is exactly what it sounds like, save that it takes the form of a white-winged pink heart), and by extension detect when people are having self-centered thoughts, which stain a person's Psyche, even if they're only fleeting. When that happens, he can then take advantage of them in the most brutal way possible: by, with a literal snap of his fingers, forcing the darkness in their hearts to take over their Psyche, turning it black and bat-winged, which then rips itself out of their chest and puts itself at his disposal. At that point, he infuses it with an extra dose of the Illnergy to turn it into a full-fledged Selfish and sets it on a rampage. A given Selfish is framed around whatever the self-centered thought that person had had was: for example, someone who was impatient at getting caught at a red light produced a stoplight Selfish, or someone who resented that they never receive any mail produced a goat that eats everybody else's mail.

When he gets really serious, rather than setting the Psyche free after infusing it with Illnergy, he can instead swallow it and become one with the Selfish, which allows him to use a greater level of power than he could just commanding it from a distance. This is called Beast Mode. It does not, however, necessarily give him more control, and if the Selfish is purified or killed while he's in Beast Mode with it, he'll take considerable damage as a result, though he won't be purified or killed himself. While Ira has the ability to *create* these Selfishes, his control over them is not always the best, either free-range or in Beast Mode. They're selfish, after all, and are inclined to do what they want. Ira's strong, but not strong enough to enforce his will on lesser Selfishes 100% of the time, so it's entirely possible that he'll get caught up in his own Selfish's attacks, or that it'll just do what it wants rather than attacking who or what he commands it to attack. Ira *hates* it when this happens. /Seriously/.

Naturally, since any victim that Ira might target in the Tower would be someone's played character, this whole turning-a-Psyche-into-a-Selfish thing is by consent only. Also, since I really don't expect anyone to app a Precure in the time remaining on the game, I think it would be reasonable to say that anyone with any kind of purification powers could purify a Selfish. Once a Selfish is purified and one's Psyche returns to normal, it can return to its owner's chest with no real damage to either of them, and a purified Psyche will automatically fly back to its owner. It's theoretically possible that one could simply defeat or destroy a Selfish, but this is an actual person's heart; doing so is the same as killing them, and you certainly won't get their rampage repaired the quick way that way.

Sample Entry: Along with personality, the most important section of the application. We would prefer if samples were not introductions, as they do not often show off a character's personality well (although if you can make an introduction do so you're free to use it). We accept links to museboxes, dear_mun, or testrun_box as well. Prose or action allowed, length encouraged.

Thunder filled the hall as the bowling ball spun down the alley, culminating in a deafening clap when it struck the pins, taking them all with it into the back. Ira, scowling in spite of the strike, slipped his fingers into the eyes of the next bowling ball, and without waiting for the next set of pins to get set down, he stalked over to the next lane and let the ball fly.

"Hey, that's my lane!" a long-haired woman protested, a bowling ball in hand. "You've got your own! Out of the way!"

"Shut it, Mammo!" Ira snapped back, already grabbing another ball and heading to the lane after that. "Find another lane if you care that much!"

She scowled, then turned to the shades-wearing man who had placidly picked up his own ball, two lanes over. "Hey, Bel! Give me your lane!"

It was only after he'd set the ball flying down that he replied, "No way."

"Tch! Everyone's so selfish...! What's eating you anyway, Ira?" A beat, and Mammo smirked, setting her ball back into the ball return. "Oh, of course, it's so obvious. You just lost to the Precures for the fifth time in a row--"


"--you must have all their speeches memorized by now--"


"--and I mean, getting your Selfish finished off by a different one each time, that's just sad--"


"--do you still have a thing for the blue one~?"


Four bowling balls at once hefted into the air, and Ira hurled them with little care at where they actually went. Two guttered one, one bounced into another lane and smashed through the one, and the other accidentally-on-purpose went careening Mammo's way. She shrieked as she literally got bowled over, and from where she crashed, she shook a fist at the younger-looking Selfish.

"HEY!! Bowl the pins, not me, you little brat!"

"Like I care, you stupid old--"

A sudden explosion interrupted the argument. Ira and Mammo stared at the remains of the lane in between them, then creaked their heads back at the source: a darkly shining spearhead, held by a cranky-looking blonde girl pulling herself upright from one of the couches and rubbing her red eyes.

"I'm trying," she said flatly, "to nap."

"Of course, Lady Regina," Bel said unctuously, at her side in an instant. "My apologies for our inexcusable noisiness..."

"Look, I don't really care, just shut up already, would ya?" King Selfish's daughter shot Mammo and Ira a narrow-eyed glare as her grip on the glittering spear tightened. "Or else..."

"HE started it! It's all HIS fault!" Mammo was quick to shout, thrusting a finger at Ira.

"Wha--?! Oh, forget all of you!" Ira snapped, hopping backwards and up to hang in midair. "You want quiet? Fine! I'm outta here!"

And quiet was what followed after he teleported away.

Mammo blinked. "My. He just threw a temper tantrum and ran away? I hope he's embarrassed, because I'm certainly embarrassed for him."

"Who cares?" Regina said, yawning and lowering herself back down onto the couch/fortress of plush toys. "Now bowl quietly already--or you'll regret it."

"Who can bowl quietly?" Mammo griped, albeit only for Bel's ears and only after Regina had dozed off. "She has her own room if she wants to take a nap! Talk about selfish!"

The shades hid Bel's eyes from view, and the low rumble in his throat was technically noncommittal, but Mammo was absolutely certain that he agreed with her.


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